Belgian NBA Business and Human Rights

About us


The NBA has been commissioned by Belgian Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO/IFDD)

and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to whom the research team will submit a final report and reccomendations. 

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Research team

The NBA is executed by a research consortium under the coordination of the Research Insititute for Work and Society of the University of Leuven (HIVA-KU Leuven) and the Law and Development Research Group of the University of Antwerp. 

  • HIVA-KU Leuven is in charge of pillar II and the sub-theme on policy coherence.
  • Law and Development Research Group (UAntwerp) is in charge of the assessment for pillar I and pillar III. 
UA Law & Development

The International Peace Information Service (IPIS) addresses actual or potential negative impacts of businesses on human rights in conflict areas and high risk areas (CAHRAs).